One Beard


Seeking an athlete with an active social media following who is looking for "that 1% improvement".

We are looking for some amazing athletes to share the experience of One Beard Haircuts with.
We do it all.....Haircut, shampoo & conditioner, 7 steam towels, vigorous scalp massage, chair massage, neck shave, wax nose/ears/brows, straight razor shave or beard trim, and Face Buff treatment.

We are asking that you post on your social media page every time you visit and come in for any of the treatments above. Must tag One Beard Haircuts and use #onebeard. These posts should be pictures, videos, reels, etc.. We would also require one signing day (sign autographs and interact with our clients for a two-hour block at selected and coordinated hours) at one of our locations for 2 hours. Location TBD.

Gig Details

One Beard
Start Date
August 1, 2023
6 months free haircuts - $2000 value
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