The only NIL-certified business specializing in prep sports in Louisiana.

At Prep Connect, we connect athletes to businesses in a simple and efficient way. Prep Connect puts education and relationships first. Our team delivers results-driven campaigns for our business partners while pursuing immediate and lasting relationships with our athletes. Prep Connect has revolutionized the sports marketing opportunities for businesses and student-athletes through a unique connecting platform.

Businesses and Brands

Connect with thousands of high school athletes and coaches for powerful marketing campaigns.

  • Campaigns that fit any budget.

  • Completely customizable.

  • Access to athletes with a unique niche compatible with your business!

  • Affiliate and influencer platforms allow student-athletes with complex schedules to earn income.

Student Athletes

Prep Connect was built for you! Student-athletes from all sports and schools can sign up to join the Prep Connect Community for FREE. We want to help YOU maximize your experience while in high school.

  • Empower your personal brand ability.

  • Connect with like-minded businesses for partnership opportunities.

  • Earn sponsorship deals by posting on social, creating content, and providing feedback on sample products.

  • Advance your financial and NIL knowledge through FREE monthly seminars.

How does it work?

A Prep Connect deal begins with the enrollment of business partnerships and athletes. Prep Connect offers three membership levels for a business and is FREE for the student-athlete to enroll. Prep Connect can accommodate any business, from local start-up companies to national brands. Based on the membership selected at enrollment, businesses can post-marketing campaign opportunities and directly connect with athletes, or utilize the service of a Prep Connect agent to assist in building a complete campaign strategy.

Empowering Athletes

Prep Connect has the power to connect the athlete to the community. We empower the athlete’s brand ability, personality, and social following and partner them with business advertising and partnership opportunities. The driving force behind our brand is the empowered student athlete.

Building Brands

There is not a better way to explode a business brand than to tie it to one of our athletes. Our motivated athletes garner the attention of thousands of friends, family, and followers, ultimately having all eyes on them for your unique niche. Local to national marketing can be taken to the next level by strategically partnering with one of our athletes.

Louisiana NIL Bylaw

State NIL Law
Senate Bill 60 – does not apply to high school athletes

Governing Body
Louisiana High School Athletic Association

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association 2023-2024 Handbook

LHSAA bylaws do not prohibit student-athletes from engaging in certain commercial activities in their individual capacities. These activities, generally referred to as Name, Image and likeness (NIL), will not jeopardize a student athlete’s amateur status if the student-athlete complies with LlISAA Bylaw 1.25 on “Maintaining Amateur Status” as well as all LHSAA Bylaws, policies, and regulations. Compliance with lliSAA Bylaws regarding NIL does not ensure maintenance of eligibility under the eligibility standards of other governing athletic organizations (e.g. NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, national sport governing bodies, etc.). Student-athletes desiring information on the amateur rules of other governing organizations should consult with those organizations.

Our Mission

To provide a fan experience like no other that drives economic growth, enhances the student athlete experience, and connects the spirit of a community to like-minded organizations and brands.