The only NIL certified business specializing in prep sports.

At Prep Connect, we connect athletes to businesses in a simple and efficient way, with none of the worry or hassle. Our athletes instantly create business opportunities for themselves, while our business partners connect with untapped marketing opportunities through athletes.

Businesses and Brands

Connect with thousands of high school athletes and coaches for powerful marketing campaigns.

  • Campaigns that fit any budget

  • Completely customizable

  • Access to athletes prior to ANY OTHER Platform

  • Affiliate and influencer platforms allow student athletes with complex schedules to earn income

Student Athletes

Prep Connect was built for you! Student-athletes from all sports and schools can sign up to join the Prep Connect Community for FREE and NO REQUIRED FOLLOWERS and no exclusivity required.

We want to help YOU maximize your experience while in high school. Our goal is to connect student-athletes to as many brands as possible to earn sponsorship deals through posting on social, creating content, providing feedback on gifted products, and more!

Our Mission

To provide a fan experience like no other that drives economic growth, enhances the student athlete experience, and connects the spirit of a community to like-minded organizations and brands.