Do you charge a fee to evaluate our program?

The initial evaluation fee is free. Additional travel expenses may be accessed based on location.



Is Bayou Jamb Sports Agent agency?

No, we are a two-way marketplace for high school athletes and businesses.

As a high school student athlete, am I allowed to use NIL Business Connect to find deals?

All states have various laws and legislation underway. Show NIL Business Connect deals to your Compliance Counselor or attend one of our NIL CHALK® workshops for more information.

I am super interested in a gig, how do I make sure I get it?

We can’t guarantee you will get every gig you show interest in, but you can increase your chances by making sure your profile is well done, always stays up to date with current information and you add a note when you select “interested”.

 Does NIL Business Connect cost anything to high school athletes?

NO, it is completely free for high school athletes!



What is the cost of the platform for businesses?

Depends on the size of your business. It is very affordable! go to the “Business Sign Up” page and see details there.

How many gigs can I list at one time? How many deals can I do?

As many as you would like. Although we recommend sticking with 1 at a time for a month, and then creating another one so your Gig gets bumped to the top.

What do I get when I sign up?

List gigs to the platform so Athletes can apply to work with you.

Access to athletes nationwide!

Huge promotion of your business within all Bayou Jamb Social networks.

Early access to upcoming events and branding opportunities.

Tap into an awesome network of sports professionals.

I am not sure if I can afford an Athlete? What can Athletes be compensated with?

Most athletes want to work with you and are extremely reasonable with small businesses, they can be paid with money, product, services, gifts, % of sales.

What if I have certain athletes I would like to work with?

Let our Bayou Jamb NIL team know. We are awesome at connecting businesses with ANY athlete!


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